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 Well its true livejournal, I have neglected you for ohh soo long. I guess recently I have been treating the one I love most as if I dont support her and thats the last thing I thought I was doing/wanted to do. I very, very much believe in her being great in life and what she wants to do, and I am so sorry that she has thought otherwise. I really cant bring myself to understand what I have done wrong to make her think she cant tell me certain things because she thinks i will get upset because as upset as I could get I really dont get that mad. Either way I am over all of it and willing to do anything I have to to change what I have to to make her understand that I want whats best for her and back her through everything. I believe in her every move and she is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life. Someone once said that if our relationship was perfect with no arguments/things to work through,  that would be weird, and I truly agree. What makes us stronger is working though things together. I am willing to admit my faults and work to correct them because I am in no way perfect, I love you baby. If you read this i am truly sorry for making you think this way. I dont mean it to sound like I am bummed or anything like that. I love you soo much CMS...xoxox.


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